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In order to log into the Zone Nations metaverse as a first step you must have an account To have your own account and create your own avatar you must click on the sign up button if you want to have a new exciting experience with us!
Download and install50%

In order to log into the Zone Nations metaverse as the second step you need to download and install the viewer, click on the download button after you sign up if you want to have a new exciting experience
with us!

In order to gain access in the Zone Nations metaverse as a third step you need to configure access, click on the configure button, after you have signed up and installed the viewer, if you want to have an exciting new experience with us!


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Account Overview
There are two types of accounts:

any registered user

User who rents property, this profile requires a monthly payment.


Basic Control
In order to move within the metaverse, one can use either directional arrows from the keyboard or movement via the viewer by selecting the io motion controls item; with third-party viewers it is also possible to preconfigure a joypad.

How to get started?

Let's start
ATTENTION: When registering for the site you will be asked for a user name, it is only for registering for the site and it will only allow you to log into the website but you will be able to log into the website using your email address as well, the user name requested in the viewer is related to the Avatar First and Last Name that you have chosen always in the registration phase.

First you need to download and install the viewer you prefer (the choice is related according to your device in use), to download it you will just go to the section download present in this site, once installed by opening the viewer, enter in the user name field you will have to enter your First and Last Name avatar, in case you had not preset any surname you will just enter as Resident surname, an example if in the registration we have set as an avatar name Wolly but we have not set any surname, the system will assign us by default the surname Resident, so in the user name field we will go to enter the user name Wolly Resident and in the password field enter your password wait for the loading of the world and have fun!

Light Dollar (L$)

Account Balance
To view your balance is possible either through the internal virtual world viewer or through the website, the balance is used to display how much credit you have available of the virtual currency present, to be able to see the transactions made both in and out simply go to the zone nations website and access your profile by locating in the Currency tab.


There are several types of ways to mutate a user:
1. If it is a user in your friends list select it in the list open profile and select the item block, the user will be blocked and mutated;
2. If it is a user not in your friends list just click over the user name, open the profile and press block;
3. You can mutate a user by clicking on their username, click on more, more, mutate and then block.

Step 3 is also valid for mutating objects.


Inventory Management
The inventory is a kind of closet that will allow you to easily manage all the items created, uploaded or purchased within the platform, within the inventory you can rezzare the item, dragging it to the ground, or put it on your avatar. The inventory is easily recognizable and you will find it in the bottom bar of your viewer recognizable by a briefcase icon. The inventory is customizable and you can organize it as you see fit, so you have the power to sort it to your liking to find items easily and intuitively.


Buy a Land
Zone Nations does not sell land, you will be able to rent your land through the pre-provided services inside through private users who rent servers.


Firewall Configuration
After the viewer is installed the firewall both hardware and software must be configured to allow access to the viewer and the voice system, if you block the system you may not have access to the simulator or have restricted services such as the voice system


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Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 13
Today visitors: 10
Visitors (30 Days): 146
Total Residents: 414
Online Now: 3
Hypergriders online: 1


Region: Loc X: Loc Y:
Ambiance 9001 9010
Amnesia 8000 8030
Anime 9010 9020
HappyIsland 5125 5125
HGWelcome 9010 9000
Impero Island 8000 8000
JUGProject 9015 9000
Nykotos 9010 9015
Sandbox 9010 9010
TheDreams 5500 5550
Vault 8000 8010
Welcome 9000 9000
Yoisho 5000 5010


Access: Public
Hypergrid: Enable
Voice: Enable
Money: Enable
Physics: ubOde
Scripts: XEngine

Login URI

Login URI:
HG Login URI:


General Questions

What is Zone Nations?

What is Zone Nations?

Zone Nations is a virtual platform where you can create your own network of contacts both for friendship and for business purposes, registration and access is totally free. It is accessible via PC, Smarthone, Tablet and Android TV


Who can access?

Who can access?

Zone Nations is for everyone.
according to current regulations, access is only allowed to adult users. Minors who wish to access the platform must be supervised by their parents.

Zone Nations assumes no responsibility for the veracity of the data entered, but reserves the right to carry out checks even after reporting to other users, following which users deemed "unsuitable" will be immediately removed and blocked, not allowing more access.
How do you access the metaverse inside?

How to access it with a Windows / Linux / Mac PC?

Once you have registered for the site and confirmed the registration email, to access the virtual world you will need to download the viewer or viewer that you can find in the download section of this site.

Smartphone/Tablet Android

To access via smartphone or Android tablet open the Google Play Store and search for Lumya Viewer in the Grid settings enter the access
Can I find free and paid content?

Can I find free and paid content?

Inside the metaverse it is possible to find both free and paid content made available by the residents themselves, there is no obligation to buy the products, no one can ever force you to do so.
Can I have my own land?

Can I have my own land?

On Zone Nations it is possible to rent land called SIM these SIMs can be identified as Classic SIM of 65000mq, and SIM VarRegion this type may vary according to the needs of the user but must be in Multiples of 4 sims in one.
In both cases, the user can define the type of content present if G (General public or private access) M (Moderate where Moderate content is present inside) A (Adult accessible only for certain purposes) with first variable access capabilities they are all GUARANTEED for 100 simultaneous users besides.

In the case in which you do not want to use a SIM, but a single smaller parcel according to your needs, you can use the rental service offered by other users who have available SIM or Server offering parcel hire service.
I have a sim built by me can I have a copy?

I have a sim built by me can I have a copy?

On Zone Nations it is possible to have a copy of your sim, (valid only for sim owners) just open a ticket and request it, in case you have a fee in this case it is not possible to have a copy.
How is my privacy managed?

How is my privacy managed?

Zone Nations is particularly attentive to user data, does not sell or transfer the data entered by its users to third parties, unless explicitly requested by government agencies.
Please see the following documents:
Why choose Zone Nations?

Why choose Zone Nations?

Zone Nations was born from our experience in implementing virtualized Grids in 2010 ensuring traceability and security for all residents and having a solid and stable point of reference.

Our keywords:
1.Quality of service
2.Cutting-edge technology
3.High performance
4.Revenue opportunities

1.Quality of service;

Zone Nations is the best choice! Engaging and interactive, highly customizable, allowing each resident to enhance their gaming experience, making it more enjoyable.
Rich in native and quality content.

Zone Nations offers quality services and responsibility to its residents by striving to provide a safe and enjoyable stable service. We are always attentive to the needs of our residents trying to make them feel protected and safe. The voice of our users is always listened to and valued, this helps us to grow and improve with you.

2.Cutting-edge technology;

Zone Nations is a living metaverse, offered with the latest and best technology.

3.High Performance;

Zone Nations through the use of the best technologies manages to maintain a standard of high performance, security and constant controls, making it attractive to entrepreneurs and virtual content creators, thus offering a pleasant service for its residents.

4.Income opportunities;

It offers many opportunities for residents to monetize with their services and creations within our platform.
Residents can rent a server from us and sell their regions within the metaverse and earn money, using the metaverse's internal currency.
Each resident can benefit from the conversion of profits from virtual to real.
Each resident can monetize with their talents and skills.

Experience a unique and enjoyable virtual experience!
How do you sign up?

How do you sign up?

Subscription to Zone Nations is very simple, just click the menu item sign up, the data requested is really minimal, give your avatar a name and surname and select it, we remind you once you have registered to confirm the email you will receive , check also in the spam box, otherwise you will not have any access to the site and to the metaverse.
Does this platform allow pedophilia?

Does this platform allow pedophilia?

Zone Nations is not allowed in any way any form of pedophilia, in the event that this problem arises, after prior verification, the subject will be immediately removed from the platform and website as well as reported to the Competent Law Enforcement, providing all data necessary for identification.
Is it possible to monetize?

Is it possible to monetize?

Inside the platform there is a currency system called The Light Dollar acronym, managed directly by our system, it is possible to top up your avatar at the level of virtual monetization and it is possible through the website to request reimbursement of your virtual currency, therefore if earn by selling your products or services within the virtual world you can create your own form of income, all transactions do not take place directly in the platform but the payment system of PayPal is used, a simple, reliable and secure way to guarantee greater security for all our members.
Can I have my own server and rent Sims?

Can I have my own server and rent Sims?

On Zone Nations it is possible to rent Servers and everyone can define the rental price of their SIMs or even fragment them, the Server Rental must take place exclusively through the Zone Nations platform and evaluating the proposals will find the most suitable solution for those interested the cost of the Server is monthly, the user will have full access to the server and according to the needs will also have space on the map of the Zone Nations virtual world. The maintenance. updates or change of Simulator Version will be charged to Zone Nations.
Can I have a copy of my inventory?

Can I have a copy of my inventory?

On Zone Nations it is possible to have a copy of your inventory, you just need to have joined the premium package and open a ticket to request it.
Is there a regulation?

Is there a regulation?

Zone Nations has a regulation that adheres to and claims that every user adheres to it for the normal coexistence of all.
Please see the following document: