ZN Impero Island Reborn

Impero Island Returns, a Clone Life must-visit comes back to life on Zone Nations (closed in 2019 and a week later Zone Nations is born).

A very popular and popular place for OpenSim users.
The sim is now on Zone Nations and is still focused on providing entertainment content, discos set in various themes, dance animations, lighting effects, consoles and more.
The implementation took about 6 months, and unlike the old sim developed on 65000sqm now the sim is developed on a 2x2 Var Region and we have both 80% native content and content found around in the other grids, without changing the actual creator, all provided free of charge to all, for the spirit of sharing.
We have made available well over 1000 dance animations both group, couple, and single, male or female.
The setting is always in a modern key and the works are done in both prim and mesh.
As soon as you land in the sim you immediately notice the statues made by Cherry Manga.
For the Vendor photographs I thank Fiona Saiman of Craft-World.
Each visitor will be able to take content with pre-assigned permissions and we ask you to respect them without changing the name of the original owner.
Unfortunately in going around other grids we found the original Clone Life content edited, and had infringed our copyright, upon inspection we found that our original trademarks and signatures were still present.


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